Bocu Winter White Holiday Gifting

Color Edit: Winter White

While we always love a classic Red for holiday, this year we're really loving Winter Whites as a fresh take on holiday gifting. Shades of ivory and camel create a sophisticated palette that is often associated with luxury during the winter months. We think that this year it also evokes another emotion: Calm. 

What better adjectives for a holiday gift?! 
Sophisticated, luxurious (without breaking the bank, wink wink), and calming.

Bocu Holiday 2020 Winter White Gifting

The holidays are always a hectic time of year. This year, after an entire year of uncertainty, chaos, and up-ended routines & plans, a little bit of luxury and calm is EXACTLY the gift that they will want to receive. 

We have edited a collection of Winter White gifts that evoke a sense of calm, but still cover all the holiday gifting must-haves: sweets, cozy, and self-care. 

Bocu Holiday 2020 Winter White Gifting 

The best part is that this gift doesn't have a shelf-life. They won't tire of it on 12.26. In January, when the days are short and the temps are chilly, they can pull out their Bocu candle or their Le Bon Shoppe socks and think of you. 

Bocu Holiday 2020 Winter White Gifting

Click the HERE to start building a winter white bocu! 

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