Morning Rituals Bocu

The gift that encourages a quiet morning ritual to center the mind and set intentions for the day. 

- Canvas One Line A Day Journal: This sophisticated, natural version of the bestselling One Line a Day journal inspires thoughtful daily reflections. Jot down ideas or highlights on one page for every day and compare the entries to the same date in years past. 4 x 6.5", 362 pages. ($16.95)
- Floral Smudge Stick: Sage burning is traditionally thought to purify and clear a stagnant space or negative energy. These Floral Smudge Sticks are hand-tied with colorful vintage cotton string and 3 spray roses. Each piece is one of a kind, so size and color vary. ($18, by Catherine Rising)
- Morning Rituals Soap: All-natural, small-batch soap made with made with all plant-based oils and butters, natural botanicals, and mineral-rich clays that are ethically and sustainably harvested. A warm and refreshing blend of coffee, chocolate, and grapefruit.  ($9, by Bell Mountain Naturals) 

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