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Assorting For Profit Workshop

Assorting For Profit Workshop

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Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels designing or bringing in collections that leave you with way too much inventory or not enough profit at the end of a season?

With over 15 years of experience as a corporate retail buyer and 5 years of experience scaling my own small business profitably - I am bringing all of my buyer insights and tips into this workshop to help you take a big retail approach to your growing retail business.

In this workshop, I walk you through in detail how to plan and design your collections in a strategic way... just like a corporate retail buyer would:
- determining the right choice count
- identifying areas of opportunity within your business that will bring in more profit

- how to "balance" an assortment to drive more units and a higher average order value

You'll walk alway with a new way of looking at your business that helps you to take a strategic approach when planning out future collections. 

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you own or buy for a boutique or e-commerce shop OR you are a maker with multiple products.

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF: you are a store owner or maker with a very niche business with less than 5 product choices.

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hi! i'm kristin

I'm your Product To Profit retail strategy Coach, host of the Product To Profit podcast, and founder of Bocu.

As a former corporate retail buyer, I've leveraged my retail expertise to scale my six-figured gifting business profitably.

I now help female, product-based small business owners implement big retail strategies for profitable growth.

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