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3 Strategies To Keep In Mind When Gifting Your Clients

It might be 90 degrees, but we are in full holiday mode over here! 

This summer, we are fully focused on ensuring that we deliver top notch service and gifts to our custom gifting clients for this upcoming holiday season. Last year, we hit capacity in early December - meaning that we had to say “no” to new and even some existing customers that reached out to us in November for custom holiday gift boxes. Now, if you know me, you know how painful that was for me, I hate saying no to anyone. It seriously makes me sad. 

So this year - we are having conversations earlier than ever before and planning for an even bigger holiday season.

So what does that look like? 

These projects always start with a discovery call where we get to know you and your business goals on a deeper level. There are three discussion points that we use to help guide us as we design a custom corporate gift that will deliver results. Why? Because custom corporate gifting isn’t just about saying “hey, thanks!” to the person that you are gifting (although that sentiment is definitely important)... and it certainly isn’t just a box full of items with your logo plastered on everything. 

It goes way beyond the gift boxes with your logo

It’s a business strategy. 

You are investing both time and money into these custom client gifts and as with all business investments, you need to see a return on that investment, either in the form of a financial return or perhaps one that is a little more long term - client and employee retention. 

Trust us, custom corporate gifts have the power to do both when done well - especially when we use a gifting strategy.

Whether you work with us to outsource your custom client gifting or you are creating your own client or team gifts, we’re breaking down the three questions to ask yourself as you plan out your corporate gifting strategy.

#1: What is your goal? 
Every good strategy starts with an end goal in mind. We always ask our clients “What results do you want to see when your recipients receive their custom client gifts?”

If your strategy is retention, this could mean something as simple as just wanting to spread some joy and show your appreciation. If your strategy is creating engagement with you as the business owner or the brand itself, then we can get creative with ways to encourage the recipient to take action upon receiving the custom gift. A simple example of this might be a ‘scan me’ QR code that could direct the recipient to a video message (like we did with the Luminary Leadership Co for their brand launch) or even just a fun hashtag for people to post when they share a photo of your gift on social media. Honestly, the ideas are endless! 

Custom Influencer Gift Boxes for a brand launch

#2: Who are you gifting? 
Next let’s talk about the people. Who you are gifting impacts the design of the custom corporate gift beyond just the product inside. We need to look at the full package based on both the recipient, as well as the goal itself. 

> Are you gifting existing clients? 
> Prospective clients? 
> Employees? 
> Leadership team? 
> Event attendees?

Now think about their interests and what they truly want to receive. 

Chances are that your business or event attracts a “like” audience, client base, or staff. We help you dig into their demographic and identify common interests to come up with a gift that they will LOVE. Yes, the custom client gift needs to drive results, but results only come if the gift itself resonates with the recipient - and trust me, it will when you work with us! (There is a reason that 98% of our custom corporate clients have come back to send curated corporate gift boxes again and again!)

During our holiday gifting conversations, we spend time focused on this to ensure that we are putting a bespoke corporate gift design together that will feel personalized to each individual, even if you are in fact ordering 20, 200, or 2,000 gifts. Want an example?

In 2021 we worked with Rockhill Management to provide custom gifts to 300 of their tenants. This bespoke corporate gift was travel themed and their goal was to inspire their tenants to dream and travel in 2022. The custom gift was not only relevant to the time period, but also aligned with their business lifestyle - it was a hit!

Custom Travel Themed Holiday Gift Boxes for Rockhill Management Tenants and Clients

#3: How can timing impact your results? 
Here is where the next level of strategy can really come into play. As an employer or service provider, your goal should always be to surprise & delight when it comes to employee or client experience. 

The key here is unexpected timing. 

Nothing says “surprise & delight” like an unexpected gift in the mail.

In this remote working environment, consider gifting your employees to celebrate the change of a season or strong company performance. Or for your clients, send a custom gift to congratulate them for a big life moment or a milestone achieved in their own business. The key here is that you are making the gift about THEM while ensuring that they are going to have a lasting positive impression of that personal interaction with you or your brand.

When it comes to the holidays, we love working with businesses to give custom client gifts for the New Year. Either New Year’s Eve party gifts (like these gifts that we designed for Endo Pharmaceuticals employees last year) or a fresh start to the new year gifts (like these gifts for SLCCPA clients in January 2022). Timing the gift after the end of all of the parties and potentially endless gifts from others will ensure that your gift stands out from the crowd - which is so important during the holiday gifting season!

Custom Gift Boxes for celebrating the team and clients for the New Year

If this has you thinking about your own bespoke corporate gifts, let’s chat! Whether it’s for the holidays or not! When you work with us, you can consider us your personal gifting concierge - we don’t just make beautiful gifts - we help to create a custom corporate gifting strategy that ties back to your business goals. 

The holiday season is busy enough as it is, so let us take this off your plate and maximize your investment with a gift that converts. Click HERE to learn more about our custom gifting process or jump straight to the Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page to get started.

We can’t wait to work with you - and create a truly unique custom client gift strategy! 

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