bocu (beau·coup): French adverb meaning “a lot” or ”very much”

bocu love | support | appreciation | well wishes | apology | sympathy | just because 


We’re all about making it easy and affordable to send a thoughtful, hand-wrapped gift for any occasion - big or small.

The beauty of friendship, the lost art of snail mail, and pretty packaging are the inspiration behind Bocu. We are always on the hunt for new product from brands that we love (especially small, female-owned brands & makers), so that we can be your go-to for the perfect gift.

You shop. Choose your gift wrap & card. We do the rest.

When you can’t be there to give a hug (or a gift), we’re here to help you out!




I’m Kristin - a retail buyer with a love for gift-giving, funny cards, beauty products, travel, and cute dogs. I live in Boston with my husband, Jon. On my craziest of days, he keeps me sane and the Rosé flowing! 

As I have moved around over the years for my career, I suddenly found myself with friends and family that live all over the country. I realized that it was challenging to find the time to buy a gift, wrap it, and take it to the post office. I often resorted to sending an unwrapped gift directly from the retailer (which didn’t feel personal or thoughtful) or even worse - I just didn’t send anything at all.

Walking the streets of Paris in the fall of 2017, the idea of Bocu came to life. Why not create something that makes it easier to send a thoughtful gift without sacrificing your gift-giving style or standards? So I decided to stop thinking about it, and just go for it.

I can’t wait to help you send the perfect gift and share the Bocu love!