Bocu Blog - The Wrap Up: Holiday Gifting Best Sellers from 2021 and Gifting Trend Predictions for Holiday 2022

Holiday Gifting Trend Predictions

We’re a gifting studio, so it’s our job to bring you the perfect gifts for every occasion (pretty cool job, right?!). We spend countless hours searching high and low to bring high quality, on-trend products into the shop, so when you gift with us, you don’t have to think twice about whether or not your recipient is going to love their gift. Suffice to say, we take serious pride in our product assortment, and we love the makers we support! 

It’s no surprise that holiday’s are hands-down our busiest time of year. Last year, we shipped hundreds of gifts (more than 65% of our annual sales) in between Thanksgiving and Christmas! With each passing year we get better and better at predicting what gifts you are going to love. Before we start the hunt for the newest products, we always spend some time in the summer brainstorming trends for the upcoming Christmas season. We love taking a little trip down memory lane to remember what the most popular gifts were last year. 

Now, before we go into our predictions for Christmas 2022 gifting trends, let's take a look at our top 3 best selling gifts from last year.

Despite being over a year into the pandemic, people were still spending a lot of time cozied up at home over the holiday season in 2021. Our top three best selling gifts all had “home” as a common theme - date night at home, relax at home, and work from home. 

1. The Bottoms Up Bocu - a curated gift box with a stay at home date night theme

Bocu Holiday 2021 Collection - The Bottoms Up Curated Gift Box
2. The Into The Woods Bocu - a curated gift box with a relax at home, self-care theme

The Into The Woods Bocu - a curated gift box for relaxation and self-care at home














 3. The Festive Desk Bocu - a curated gift box with a work from home theme

The Festive Desk Curated Gift Box - a work from home inspired gift for clients, employees, and coworkers














Here are our top 4 predictions on gift-giving trends for this upcoming Holiday season. Do you have any predictions? Let us know in the comments! 

1/ Wellness Gifts - Wellness and mental health is one of the biggest consumer trends right now. Gifting with someone’s well-being in mind is guaranteed to be a well-loved gift. We predict that wellness gifts will shift more into mindset and overall well-being vs just relaxation. Fortunately for us, we always love a wellness moment (and so do our customers)!

2/ Travel gifts - After 2.5 years of living in a pandemic, consumers are ready to explore! As of July, experts have stated that airlines are operating back to 95% of pre-pandemic levels. We’re predicting that gifts for world travelers and domestic travelers alike will be a popular gifting theme. 

3/ Gifts that support a social cause - We are living during a time where our country is not only divided, but we are facing a potential recession on the horizon. Consumers are becoming increasingly focused on how they are spending their dollars. As a result of that, brands that focus on sustainability, giving back, and supporting social causes are on the rise.

This has been important to us from day one, and we are looking forward to highlighting brands and makers that share in these beliefs. 

We are proud to continue our “Gifts That Give Back” campaign. We’ve recently donated a portion of proceeds from May to Every Mother Counts and from June to Everytown

4/ (More) Creative Gifts for Businesses - Each year, businesses are becoming increasingly more creative with thanking employees and clients for their commitment to their company. It is critical for businesses and service providers to find new ways to stand out and show their appreciation (gone are the days of the the boring old fruit basket!). This is especially important now that employees and clients have more options than ever. Employees now have nation-wide remote job opportunities. Clients have countless service providers and coaches at their fingertips. Retention tactics are critical to businesses, and adding a personal touch to corporate and client gifts, especially one that touches on one or more of the above three trend predictions, will make a lasting impact on your team or clients.

If you want to make your business supporters feel extra appreciated this year, and are in need of some client holiday gift ideas, look no further. 

Are you a business owner? If so, now is the time to start having a conversation with us about unique client gift ideas! We are already booking up space, so make sure you reserve yours. Fill out our contact form to get some more information!

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