How to be the BEST. GIFTER. EVER.

How to be the BEST. GIFTER. EVER.

In preparation for our launch this past May, we did extensive research on gift-giving.  And in just six short months, we’ve learned so much more about How, Why, and What people gift. 

Here are our 3 biggest tips on how to be the best gift giver this holiday season!

  1. Really think about WHO you are gifting.
    Seems obvious, right? While it’s safe to say that it’s best to give a gift that you would like to receive yourself, take a minute to make some observations about who you are buying for. What do they tend to gift others? What have they been posting about on social media, talking about when you catch up, etc? Paying a little attention to what they are currently into can give you some insights into a gift that will be extra loved by them.
  1. Three is the magic number!
    More often than not, people gift three items, and it’s easy to understand why. Your gift will have a clear “theme” and will feel both balanced & more robust (even if you aren’t spending a ton!). Focus on finding items that are a mix of price points and complement one another.
  1. Last but not least – Make. It. Pretty!
    We are ALL about gift wrapping at Bocu. We hand wrap each item because we believe that packaging is just as important as the gift itself. The best gift givers pay attention to the detail – a satin ribbon or a bit of fresh evergreen will take your gift to the next level. 
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