HOW TO BOCU: A step by step guide to thoughtful gifting.

STEP 1: #WhoWillYouBocu?

Besties, mamas, besties that become mamas, your favorite co-worker, bridesmaids, neighbors, dog walkers…they all deserve a bocu! Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to send some love to make a friend smile, it’s up to you! 

STEP 2: Let’s make it pretty. 

We’ll be honest, pretty gifts are kind of our thing. There’s nothing that takes a gift to the next level more than wrapping it up in some on-point prints and trimmings! We love it so much that we even hand paint some of our gift wrap - so you are truly gifting something extra special. Get in the zone and pick your favorite, or your bocu’s favorite, and know that our team will lovingly make it oh-so-pretty. 


STEP 3: Build your Bocu 

The beauty of bocu is that we’ve already carefully curated a collection of gifts that are not only as thoughtful as they are functional, but they all look GREAT together. Use our helpful filters to sort by Event & Reason, Color, or Product Type to help you mix and match and make it perfect! You truly cannot go wrong. Let your heart do the scrolling and see what speaks to you for your bocu! 


STEP 4: Write it out

Let’s just all agree that we give out tiny internal squeal of total, complete and utter joy when receiving snail mail. Don’t fight us on this one – we know you’re with us! Each bocu includes a complimentary notecard of your choice, or you can upgrade to a premium branded card. Choose your favorite and send us your love note. We will handwrite your card to give your bocu a personal touch. 


STEP 5: Check out

Tell us where to send it and off it goes! Once you’re bocu is out in the universe, it’s just a matter of time before you are showered back with bocu love. So just sit tight and wait for your kismet.

Also, no one ever said you can’t bocu yourself. We consider it an essential part of anyone’s self-care regime. #boculove


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