How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift

There is so much that I love about Christmas - from the twinkling light adorned Christmas trees to the beautiful fresh snow falls. Christmas has always had a special place in my heart. If I had to pick the thing I love most though it would have to be the act of gifting thoughtful presents to my friends and family… is there anything better? I don’t think so. 

You can imagine my delight when Real Simple & The Wall Street Journal asked me to contribute to some articles they were putting together - all about Christmas gift gifting - my speciality. Here are the articles if you want to jump over and check them out: 

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So, today I wanted to share with you my most favorite gift items that you could consider purchasing for your loved ones - but more than that, I also wanted to share some thoughts around how to actually pick the perfect Christmas gift. 

Let’s dive in! 

Firstly, how do you pick the ‘Perfect Christmas Gift’?

The number one thing that I recommend is to take yourself out of the equation! I know it’s easy to give someone something that you like - we’ve all been guilty of falling into the ‘I’ll buy one for them and one for me', but I recommend taking a moment to put yourself in the mindset of the person you are shopping for. Think about their interests, what is currently going on in their life and what would light them up! A gift that is both useful and thoughtful will make a more lasting impact on your loved one (even if it’s not something that you personally like!) Trust me. 

Here are some examples of gifts we love, that are on the more thoughtful side: 

  1. For a dreamer that is always sharing with you their big ideas. We love these gifts for your client or employee. (Click To Gift)
    Bocu Desk Themed Gifts for Your Client or Employee
  2.  For your loved one that doesn’t drink coffee, but loves their tea & chai. (Click to Gift)
    Bocu Gifts For the Tea Lover
  3. For the red wine lover - that has enough bottles of red wine, but could use a little bit of relaxation to go with her wine pairing. (Click To Gift)
    Bocu Gifts For The Wine Lover

What about the cost I hear you say - does it matter how much you spend on a gift? 

Not really. At risk of sounding cliché, what is more important is the thought behind the gift. You actually don’t need to spend a lot to show someone you care about them or appreciate what they have done for you throughout the year. 

No matter what your budget is, you can give a little bit of luxe for the holidays with a chic candle, beautiful coffee table book or high-end olive oil - all of those gifts could be under $50 but will give a ‘wow’ moment to someone who may not normally treat themselves. 

If you’re buying for a handful of friends or co-workers, you can get creative with your gift - and still be very thoughtful. A gift card for a coffee or even lottery tickets tucked inside a handmade card from your kids and beautifully wrapped baked goods are a few lower-cost, thoughtful gift ideas to hand out to larger groups of people… money really doesn’t have to come into the perfect Christmas gift equation. 

Here are some of my favorite luxe gifts for inspiration: 

  1. For the loved one who jet sets or is always dreaming of their next vacation. (Click To Gift)
    Buil A Bocu Travel Gifts for the Traveller
  2. A celebratory champagne or old fashioned cocktail themed gift for the person who deserves a toast. (Click To Gift)
    Bocu Celebratory Gifts, Cocktail Themed Gifts for Her and Him
  3. Or for the homebody or design-obsessed that loves an aesthetic home. (Click To Gift)
    Bocu Curated Gift Boxes for the Homebody, Housewarming Gifts, Hostess Gifts

How else can I get creative when it comes to giving Christmas gifts? 

Sometimes if someone is really hard to buy for, you do have to get creative. I love to personalize the gifts I give - perhaps gifting something in the receiver's favorite color, fragrance or flavor, or an item that can be useful in their day-to day-life but has a fun or unique twist will really stand out! I love the hunt for a fun, tech-forward gift that is both useful and unexpected like a coffee mug warmer, or a chic phone charging station. Or for those who have it all, perhaps a donation in their name to a charity of their liking - that can be a really thoughtful & creative way to give. Don’t forget either that experiences can make great gifts in place of products… and if the person you’re gifting is a loved one, they often would love to spend more time with you, so an experience you can do together will be perfect. Think a cooking class, tickets to a live performance or even an afternoon pedicure. 

Whatever you end up gifting this Christmas, remember that more often than not, a thoughtful gift is much more perfect than an expensive one. Stop, consider what the person you’re buying for needs, likes and wants and buy with that in mind - you can’t really go wrong! 

If you need more inspiration, check out these articles full of incredible gift ideas: 

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