MEET THE MAKER: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co

MEET THE MAKER: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co

If you know Bocu, then you know that we are obsessed with all things clean beauty. When it comes to gifting bath or skincare products, we think it's important that those products are natural and free of harsh (ie gross) chemicals. That is just one of the reasons why we are so in love with our next Maker.

Meet Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co. As a mother of two, she launched her minimalistic brand in 2014 out of a desire to create effective, truly natural products with recognizable ingredients. Since then she has grown her brand and is about to launch a sister brand,, with CBD based products. 

We have carried Birchrose + Co since we launched and had the pleasure of meeting Beckah in person in the Fall of 2018. Enjoy reading about Beckah!

Meet the Maker: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co

1. What is your "WHY" behind starting your business? 
Birchrose + Co was born in my Fullerton, CA kitchen in early 2014 out of my passion for creating effective, truly natural products that worked even on the most sensitive skin - mine. In the beginning, my intent was never to start a business, it was to just solve skin issues that I was dealing with and trying to live a more natural lifestyle for myself and two kids. 

By day I was a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer for a commercial printer. By night I was working away in my kitchen developing products; formulated as a result of experimentation with different organic textures, vibrant colors, unique aromas, and the way the earth's elements interact with one another to nourish and heal the skin. I first launched my products in the summer of 2014 at the Anaheim Packing District farmers market on Sundays. It was a fun hobby that would ultimately turn into my full-time job. Being able to launch the brand this way was priceless. Having that face to face interaction with customers was a huge learning curve!

Meet the Maker: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co 
2. What inspires you?
Honestly, I am most inspired when I am outside - completely disconnected. My Capricorn tendencies make me a bit of a workaholic, so hiking is the only thing that gives my brain a break from the day to day and inspires me from the outside in. You can pretty much catch me outside every weekend - whether it be climbing mountain tops or feeling the sand on my feet at the beach. 

Meet the Maker: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co 
3. What is your go-to gift?
Great question! My go-to's are typically body polish (who doesn't love a great exfoliator), a candle, and fresh flowers! 

4. What is your tip on how to be the Best Gifter?
I like to think of gifts that someone maybe wants, but wouldn't normally make a point to splurge on themselves with. The gift of self-care, whether it be body products, a good book, or candle remind people that it's ok to slow down and take time for themselves. 
Meet the Maker: Beckah Jackman of Birchrose + Co

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