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Healing Stones Set

Healing Stones Set

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Crystals have been used in holistic healing and self-care practices for centuries.

This set offers 12 pocket-sized stones with inspiring information about crystal properties and traditional healing practices. Learn how to create a relaxing session with crystals from tips on the back of the box. Customers can quickly reference product recycling information on the inner cover to help make the planet a bit greener for us all!

Crystals Included: 
1/ clear quartz (balance + rejuvenation)
2/ rose quartz (love + harmony)
3/ lepidolite (calmness + hope)
4/ amethyst (peace + aura clearing)
5/ green aventurine (heart + motivation)
6/ sodalite (logic + truth)
7/ yellow jade (dreams + ambition)
8/ orange calcite (appreciation + health)
9/ carnelian (creativity + releasing grief)
10/ dalmatian jasper (nurture + protection)
11/ tiger eye (stability + beauty)
12/ black obsidian (grounding + sincerity)

Additional Details: 
Includes 12 genuine crystals with a muslin drawstring bag for storing
Box 5.25x5.25"


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